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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 28, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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headed for an inevitable crash? a lot of people saying we'll crash. kyle harrington is one of them his predict. >> good evening, i am lori roth man in for lou dobbs, president obama making silence on what his administration plans to do in response to syrian regime chemical weapon attack, president obama say he has not made a decision on a military strike but he had this to say to those opposed to taking action. on program bs about an hour -- pbs about an hour ago. >> we can take limited tailored approached not getting drawn into a long conflict, if we're saying in a clear and decisive
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but very limited way, we -- stay stop doing this, that could have a positive impact on our national security over the long-term, may have a positive impact on sense that chemical weapons are not used again on 99 civilians. lori: white house will brief members tomorrow on the actions it may take. lieutenant colonial bill cowen is a marine, and fox news analyst. we will join us in moments. >> and washington, other big story of day, thousands descending on the national mall to commemorate 50th anniversary of dr. king jr. and his landmark i have a dream speech. we will have full analysis, with fox news contributor angela
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mcglowan. we begin with administration making it clear there i plan to bypass united nations security council as they repair for a possible strike on syria, state spokesman saying last-ditch effort for a british resolution, were not successful. but she said that u.s. would proceed anyway. >> we see no avenue forward, given continued russian opposition to any meaningful action on syria, united states will continue its consultation and take appropriate act to respond in the days ahead. lori: launching a strike without u.n. authorize or congressional approval would not be unprecedented but it would be polarizing.
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and more than 100 lawmakers, 16 democrats have now signed on to a letter saying that president needs congressional approval before a strike. >> for months it was president obama who was hesitant to involve u.s. in syrian conflict citing concerns this u.s. interventions may shore up extremism group or worsen the blood shed. but now administration appears to make a case for a limited, and tailored military strike. let's go now to fox news chief white house capacity -- ed henry with more. >> reporter: commander in chief left his public case to vice president biden and others,
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while his counter parts in britain and france have spoken out. they are coming back for merge sessions. >> it is interesting that british parliament and french parliament have convened to discuss the issue. i think that president needs to have more consultation, which so far is not been there. but merck bethat. >> reporter: a growing number of american lawmakers' to clear up that murky ness, a letter circlit lated by congressman, has drawn over 100 signatures from republicans and democrats. >> he all the to call us back into session, if he is warnted on the evidence we stand with him. >> reporter: in addition to naganumaal security -- national security lawmakers raise questions about the nation's
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debt. pressure is coming from democrats who say that president has power to act alone but should have a debate in congress to carefully consider fact it could spark a wider 1 bli confln the middle east. >> if we go in we may not get out as quickly as they believe we may. >> reporter: the president and vice president have been consulting with lawmakers by phone, they vowed in 2008 campaign to get actual other m congress before taking military action with thenned by know saying he would --ed by know sayined -- >> biden. >> when i -- if he takes country
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to war in iraq without a vote of congress, then he should be impeached. >> reporter: fox learned that white house will brief top house and senate members tomorrow about key intelligence, plans for possible strikes against syria, more signs that the president is edging closer to military action. lori: pentagon officials say that u.s. is planning to hit assad with a military strike limited in time and scope, with the goal of weakening assad's power. catherine herridge with our report on how a possible strike could unfold. >> reporter: as obama administration weighs its response to syria alleged use of chemical weapon, state department acknowledged the risk. >> there are a variety of factors that go into that determination, possible consequences and affects in the
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region. >> reporter: among compelling examples clinton administration response to bombings in 1998. this pharmaceutical factory in sudan believed at the time to produce chemical weapons and training camps in afghanistan were bombed, with hindsight, observers say that missile strikes strengthened bond between al qaeda. >> you are going to use limited military power to send a signal in this case it was al qaeda will not be allowed to threaten the u.s. immediate aftermath is that organization becomes imboldenn imboldenned. >> reporter: reagan administration took a similar tact after the bombing of a disco in 1986, two of the deb dd
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were servicemen. >> today we have done what we have to do. if necessary, we shall do it again. >> reporter: 2 years later a libyan agent bombed pan am flight over lockerbie. >> it risks causing more harm than good. >> reporter: there is no question that u.s. military is pull off a limited strike, short-term satisfaction can be outweighed by long-term consequences. and a real likelihood of retail retaliation. lori. thank you. lori: thank you so much for
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joining us. president's comments just about an hour ago he does not expect a long-term conflict in syria. he has not authorized any engagement as of yet, he is expecting to conduct a shot across the bow to detour any additional use of chemical weapons. does that satisfy you? >> well, lori, having watched fox news and fox business over last two and a half days and seen many of my contemporaries and our experts that region, including ambassador bolden and others, talk about this, our opinions, vary from one end to the other. i think that one issue we always struggle with is, what is the desired outcome? if it is to destabilize assad a little bit, then's limit the strike may or may not work. if the idea to really hurt him
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badly so he will not use chemical weapons again we threaten retaliation and iran and hezbollah and russia with verbal retaliation, there are no easy answers, this goes back to president's year ago saying drawing a red line in the sound probably believing -- in the sand, probably believing he would never have to follow that with nobody crossing it. lori: is there anyway this crisis, can end well? >> no, that is the optimum question. the problem circumstance we the united states -- we the united states failed to step up when resistance started to put itself together, we failed to pick out the members of resistance who
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share our values and willing to have peace with israel who wanted democracy, maybe not perfect democracy. and while we failed that is up authority them, hard -- support them, hard-core islamist resistance group moved in al qaeda is in there. and saudis are supporting the wrong people, we have this resistance that is really tough, really strong, the ones we like are not strong, i think when assad falls, and resistance takes over, that is not going to be in a resis san in syria that is better than with assad, we failed to gottenvolved early enough. we will pay the consequences. >> what is likely as we pay the consequences alone, the state department telling u.n. security council, we're going at it alone because russia opposes getting involvement we have to continue and revert back to coalition of the willing, could u.s. be it?
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>> none of us -- we'll get away from boots on the ground, but president, his comments said, we're concerned about chemical weapons falling into hands of the wrong people, assad has had them for a long time, he did not use them against israel, if the bad guys takeover, if free syrian army is pushed aside, and real radicals takeover they will have access to those weapons of mass best trick, and -- weapons of mass destruction, israelis would have every reason in the world to be on alert, they are going out and buying gas masks, we united states might be the target of that. lori, it is impossible to describe how convoluted the situation is over there and how much we in u.s. tor blame for it being who -- are to blame for it being what it is for not stepping up at the right time.
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>> lori: sounds like you are saying a lit too late. syria is a proxy state for iran. how does this influence what is the fallout, the consequences on israel, if other nations in middle east? >> people need to realize, we know who al qaeda is. not enough have heard of hezbollah, that is more varyial ent thanna al qaeda. hezbollah has killed a lot of american, hezbollah has a strong presence in least, in latin america, and venezuela, in the united states some have been caught smoking across the bord
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border. maybe doing some things again u.s. interest, other places in the world those present bigger problems for us we try to protect not only military and diplomatic interests but commercial interests has. >> thank you so much colonel bill cowen. >> thank you, lori. >> we'll have more on obama administration handling of conflict in syria later with our a team. >> on a historic anniversary, first black president shares his dream of equality in america. analyzing president obama's speech, and state of race relations in america next.
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lori: on wall street stocks rebounding after two days of losses, dow closed with a gain the 48, and nazdaq rose 15. 2. 7 billion shares traded hands today. precious metal, gold falling $140 an ounce after a run -- $ 1.40 an ounce after yesterday's run-up, crude oil settles just botcabove $110 a barrel. check bond market, shield on 10-year note 2.78%. falling yesterday in the safe a half know play. it is a historic day in washington, president obama spoke with thousands of marchers on the national mall, 50 years to the day after martin luther king jr. led the march on
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washington and delivered his i have a dream speech. >> it dismiss the magnitude of this progress, to suggestion as sometimes do that little has changed, that dishonors the courage and the sacrifice of those who paid the price to march in those years. we would dishonor those heroes as well to suggestion that the work of this nation is somehow cocomplete. lori: calling to americans to finish the great unfinished business of opportunity. joining me now welcome to you. your impression's president's speech. >> 50 years ago, god poke to america through a -- spoke to
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america through a man. the baton has been passed to a new generation, to get back to a dream. hover you define yourself, we're all americans. a massage today, purpose thing -- a message today, 50 years ago president of united states hid in the white house. today, three presidents spoke to america and two others wanted to be there but could not because of health challenges, that is the beauty of america. >> we've come a long way. we have a long way to go. we have equal opportunity on paper do we have equal access, we do have the first black president, and first black attorney general but today our nation may be more divided than back then. i am from mississippi.
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my father worked heavily to desegregate schools in mississippi. my mother did not have a black high school, my about father had to build it. lori: as reverend jesse jack jackson pointed out, african-americans are freer but less equal. >> that does reflect my sentiment. unemployment in black community is on the increase. we -- >> 12-point 6%. black unemployment. versus 6.6, reverend. >> it is not just a black problem. there are disparities in other communities, they have benefitted by that movement. i think all of us have to get engaged. not just a government problem.
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that is a key point president obama mentioned. everyone has to get involved am 73% of children born out of wedlock that is the government, some individuals need to hear what is happening at their children, in living rooms, men and women need to take responsibility. >> lori, reverend is right, government is supposed to protect the consumer, but up to individual responsibility, "it takes a village" to raise a child. with everything going on in the communities, we need to step up to the plate. lori: was there anything did day's, event you turnaround troubling -- you found troubling. >> president obama brings people together, i was pleased to see him speak. i was not alive who martin luther king spoke. i think talking about voter i.d., problem with congress should be brought to the
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forefront but need to work together in government. lori: and obama suggested victory of civil right movement may have obscured original marches economy goal. >> i think trying talk about the speech, the speech was an apex moment in a movement but written in blood. two months before this speech george wallace stood in a doorway, and evans shot in a driveway. >> in mississippi. >> days later, 4 girls were flown up in a church. >> alabama. >> the point, they get caught up in the emotion of the speech, not talk about the economics, it was for jobs and freedom. >> the speech was catalyst to a greater movement but we still have poverty day.
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when we have people living to government dole, give people tools to build a house not the house. lori: one last comment. >> he dead in memphis. lori: we'll be on top that story. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, dramatic conclusion to military court marshall of fort hood shooter. facing life in prison or death penalty, jury makes its decision. will major hasan get his wish for martyrdom, ahead. ♪
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is your cholesterol at goal? ask your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. lori: a military court says major hassan is sentenced to death that left 13 people dead and more than 30 wounded. the death sentence is something american born muslim wanted as he believes it puts them on a path to martyrdom. we are live with the latest. good evening. >> a few tears in the courtroom today from free members when that entence
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was handed down. he showed no e. motion but sat there and stared down at the desk the majority of the time but this was a big victory for a lot of people and specifically the of the members of the 13 that was killed on that day. finally is getting closure nearly four years after the shooting. people like the of mother of specialists hunt. 22 years old and only married two 1/2 months when hassan walked into the medical processing building and cut him down. >> anyone to use their religion for an act of terrorism there is no god but your self-interest. you are in an retentive murder. >> in the coming-- he would be transported to military death row located at fort
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leavenworth in joint fly the other condemned soldiers until the process plays out. of the 42 year-old will be dismissed from the military with his pay cut immediately but has earned $300,000 in confinement could go to the family members for civil proceedings that are likely to follow now the sentence has been handed down. lori: george's a vermins wife pled guilty to misdemeanor perjury charge today so -- lying during one of for bond carries last year she told the judge they had a little sun -- many but they had received more than $100,000 she will get one year probation and 100 hours of community service and her husband was acquitted in the
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death of trayvon martin. president obama and diesel but help he can get. the white house has bill clinton hoping to defend his unpopular law. they'd reminds the public that he dubbed clinton as the secretary of explaining stuff but 42 percent have an unfavorable opinion that have a of obamacare compared to 37 percent favorable. right now congress is trying to figure out a way to stop it. also the role l will suffer another delay reuters reported the administration push back the final approval date to be sold on the marketplace now mid september as opposed to the early september timeframe according to the irs the individual that does not
7:31 pm
obtain hhalth insurance has to pay $95 next year but the final increase to just under $700 per person in 2016. mayoral candidate weeder pays the company to provide him with supporters at some campaign defense. their reporting he is having such a hard time to generate enthusiasm that a firm is paying actors $15 per hour to show up to his events. are you kidding? his camp calls it a hoax naturally but no denying his campaign is of life-support showing him in fourth place with fewer than two weeks to go before new york holds up primary election. some of the new words going
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into the oxford dictionary is sophie and twerk and selfie. >> this situation and syria that the u.s. says the al-assad regime did cross the line. up next the "a team"
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lori: california national guard launches a drone to help the fight against the wild fire raging near yosemite. officials say the aircraft will help give a bird's-eye view that now has burned through 292 square miles of the sierra nevada and has a burned 111 structures. right now only 3 percent contained. but the higher humidity helped the progress will continue is not expected for three weeks. let's go to the "a team." judith miller, a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. let's talk about syria because we heard from the president one hour ago
7:37 pm
they're not authorized to strike if we do engage it will not be a long-term conflict and will serve as a shot across the bout with the use of chemical weapons. >> he has signaled personally his intention to do something to make some two of his red light commitment one year ago he has to do something that if you don't do something, i ran may very well think it tea and act without consequences of this is more aimed at i write and but it cannot be a long-term engagement because the president has to go next week to russia summit would be awkward to sit down with the man who would not take
7:38 pm
any military action. lori: what are the best options? >> i think we have to have a multi lateral approach and that is what concerns me. in those americans that has said we do want to enter with this type of conflict if we need to know the end game. we are war-weary. i know that i am but although some say we are pressured and we don't want to go alone at the same time so do you see a coalition, if at all? >> so with a coalition of the willing says wait a minute, we need four more days to determine whether or not chemicals were really used by experts on the ground. the president has competing pressures including people here why we do something with just a shot across the
7:39 pm
bowel? if it doesn't accomplish what he says he once? >> it is not enough time. there should not be short term we have seen this happen before. lori: let's talk about something more encouraging. [laughter] fifty years since the davis "i have a dream" speech. >> it is important to remember it was a great day but unlike 50 years ago we had a demonstration this was a celebration and a commemoration. going back to 1963 or 1983 because we had goals minimal wage was a fight. they wanted to get this and said we will shutdown this school system if it is not desegregated.
7:40 pm
and states that refuse to franchise their citizens, they had stated goals and that is what i wanted to see in the 50th anniversary of the great march. >> just the fact the first black american president was standing there giving that speech never mind he is the powerful or greater in talk about the need phorcys and mobilization dash audit was very successful. lori: what raised eyebrows was a t-shirt that trayvon martin, of martin luther king, jr.. what you think of that? is that offensive for meaningful? >> i don't think it was to be offensive to day but
7:41 pm
there were many different messages. dr. king was a controversial figure in 1963 but they put him at the end of the march because he was so controversial even with the black establishment because he focused on poverty and not the middle class. so when i see that photograph and all the signs i think people wanted to express themselves. lori: we will leave it there. >> wall street rebounds but bob dole gives us his outlook. next. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime.
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lori: a recent interactive
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survey finds that the leader of the americans are more concerned about their physical appearance than finance is. 76% would rather keep current debt rather than gain 25 pounds on the other hand when the word bankruptcy enters the equation one dash the equation 40 percent say being ideal great was preferable to being broke. the market recovered some of their losses meaning there could be intervention in syria. now with their chief equity strategist that is skinny and rich we have our senior portfolio strategist al-assad -- bob dahl. did you hear our previous story? to do see any of that in your line of work? >>. [laughter] i don't know which is worse.
7:46 pm
lori: we do have a slight delay so with a couple of days of losses also some disappointing economic news? >> with syria it is new, with plenty to worry about with the fed tapering we worry about the next fed chairman, the debt ceiling will come up again this fall. serve the we are worried about how strong will revenues or earnings be? the market has gone into a fall but in this sideways pattern it could last a little while. >> historically this is a weak time of year. >> i think the us cyclical
7:47 pm
bull market that we're now in the fifth year is nowhere near over the markets don't go straight up but we need a more noticeable lake up to have stronger revenue and earnings growth. i think we will get it i cannot prove it but i don't think it starts tomorrow or the next day it will take time to unfold. lori: what centers have the best potential for revenue growth? >> the health care area remains the one defensive area, some of the product companies whether it be pharmaceuticals, some of the industrial space including aerospace defense with the free cash flow is strong. ha we will see some earnings growth and cash flow growth.
7:48 pm
lori: do i need to break it down even more? looking at the big caps right now? >>. >> the reason the down cap is to where the earnings have come through. typically eat more domestic the contents so companies with big domestic companies very well is the multinationals in the u.s. market is that have not been so well. so the down cap by yes i would endorse. lori: would you increase cash allocation or do you still feel comfortable with the stock market? >> right now the funk means
7:49 pm
sideways' not necessarily down i use a broad training range on the s&p 500 and we are in the middle part of the range so we would not have will whole lots of cash so the next move is to the upside so it could develop weeks if not months. lori: always a pleasure. forget baseball it is a football america's game so why are they determined to destroy the sport? the war on football? next.
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lori: abolish is america's game and the business has since developed across this for the nfl is a $9 billion industry but the college programs generate $25 million per year in revenue but the next best is says they are under assault with questionable ethics to cash in on the bogus injury claims. with us now is author of the war on football. how can the lawyers and doctors do this? sure people get injured but they get injured other ways also? >> i think what people don't understand is 10 percent of the players suing the nfl never played a down cover their preseason like tonight and tomorrow night, for
7:54 pm
me, it is hard to believe those who played in high school and college but not professional they have a cop -- a cup of coffee than they will say the brain damage occurred there it is hard for me to believe those that played in the strike just a few games they all suffered this brain injury. ironically they hurt every league they are not suing. you fly ball was down 6% then they will not last. lori: that is an important point because if you say it is hard for these people to believe suing the nfl because it is such a massive revenue generator it is like dollar signs then you have a problem. would he think should happen? >> i think parents think
7:55 pm
that they sign their kids up for brain damage because of the lawsuit but in reality they sign them up for football. it is safer now than it ever has been. in the late '60s it was normal for 25 or 30 players per year to die from a football hit last year we had two players die out of 4 million and none of them were kids. there were more kids died by struck by lightning van players. lori: what about the injuries you have who was the guide dog fighting a couple of years ago? they are high a profile players but they are giving a bad name marring the reputation of the sport. >> they really are. and then there is a
7:56 pm
character building benefit if you get knocked down the you have the choice to get back up or stay on the ground. not game day but practice wheat board during the off-season unfortunately there are a lot of unsavory characters in some of the other guys and and they are giving the game a bad name. lori: football is almost a national holiday i have so many girlfriends that are widows on sunday so i am not that concerned to be perfectly honest is fascinating. thank you. >> i appreciate it. lori: and the author of the war on football available
7:57 pm
everywhere. coming up tomorrow i am back we will lookit the analysis of syria and also to join me at 1:00 p.m. with adam shapiro on fox business.
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